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Perigee delivers affordable products to aesthetic practices without sacrificing quality to ensure they have satisfied patients, happy with their outcome and their doctor. Perigee carefully selects premium aesthetic devices in order to offer the highest quality and fully serve the needs of aesthetics practitioners.

Carefully selected solutions for your practice

 including the all new INTRAcel RF microneedle system

perigee_flyer_smiling_face Perigee Medical offers a portfolio of forward looking technologies to meet the needs of discerning physicians, as well as those beginning to integrate aesthetic procedures into their practices. We have a full offering of technologies for treating all areas of the body and skin. We can tailor a package for any need.

skin fit solution

We have a complete suite of energy-based devices for skin rejuvenation therapy including IPL, fractional laser, fractional RF and RF microneedling devices in addition to systems for hair and tattoo removal.



A novel approach to vaginal health, NeuViva™ includes the use of laser energy to promote vaginal epithelial revitalization and a return to vaginal health. Simple 5 min. procedure, no need for anesthesia, lasting results.



The, FuturaFit™ Program, a new, non-invasive, painless technique for improving body shape and tone and reducing unwanted inches. The system improves most areas including as the abdomen, love handles, back and arms.

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