Hair Removal has Never Been this Fast, this Comfortable –
or this Affordable!

Asclepion MeDioStar

Only  $750 per month after 6 months

6 month deferred, 0% interest lease*


810/940 nm high power diode laser system

mediostarUpgrade to the finest hair removal system available and provide faster, more comfortable treatments for greater patient throughput and more referrals.

MeDioStar NeXT is a proprietary multi-wavelength diode laser with a fiber bundle delivery system for a perfectly uniform treatment that enables superior efficacy, greater comfort , and faster treatments than any previous system.

Our generous leasing package makes this the ideal time for you to upgrade or get a new system. 


*Lease arranged through a third party financial company and subject to credit approval. Does not include sales tax. 6 month deferred, 0% interest lease*