Looking for a better solution for difficult tattoos?


Multi-color tattoo treated with the TattooStar Combo cleared in 6 treatments

TattooStar Combo is the answer

We are proud to offer the TattooStar Combo, available as a stand-alone or modular q-switched multi-wavelength system, with Nd:YAG and Ruby lasers, dye handpieces, advanced accessories including acoustic wave, RF (pending), and IPL. It is the most advanced system for tattoos and pigment available.

TattooStar features state-of -the-art technology developed by Asclepion in Germany including the most homogeneous spot profiles at all sizes and power levels. Leaving conventional systems behind, the TattooStar uses a patented microlens-array that provides a flat uniform laser beam and requiring fewer treatments.


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Tattoostar delivers not only uniform, but square beam profiles, improving coverage by 30%.  Because of the square spot there are no missed areas and no overlap is required, the uniform beam profile insures there are no cold spots or hot spots resulting in a better, more comfortable treatment. Learn more about TattooStar.

Provide your patients with more uniform and gentle treatments

  • no cold spots for quicker clearing
  • no hot spots for more comfort.

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TattooStar Ruby is available with a fractional delivery system for the ultimate system for treating pigment. You can now blend pigmented lesions to match the surrounding skin.