somenek intracel user testimonial

This device has allowed me to expand my menu of services for my patients. The addition of radiofrequency has taken microneedling to the next level in terms of outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Michael Somenek, M.D. SomenekMD Washington, DC March 28, 2018

chris bailey intracel user testimonial

Prior to Intracel we had extensive experience with a device called Infini. The difference is like night and day. We are getting much better results now, and our patients find Intracel far more tolerable. See website >

Chris Bailey Owner Ovation MedSpa March 15, 2018

marie dilauro intracel user testimonial

We love this no down-time treatment for wrinkles, skin tightening and acne scars. Our patients are thrilled with their results. Call us to find out more and schedule your first treatment

Marie DiLauro, MD Marie Dilauro MD Columbus, OH March 1, 2018

My patients love the Smoothcool for not only pigment, broken blood vessels, and hair removal, but also for the noticeable improvment of smoothing of skin.  Smoother skin can be seen on the face, neck, décolletage, shoulders, arms and hands.  Most can see the improvement even after the first treatment.  The treatments are fast and the recovery is very minimal.  After a series of treaments the skin is so bright, smooth and fresh.  Patients are happy with the results and love to receive compliments on their new soft skin. I love my Smooth cool as it is fast, safe, and effective.  Recovery is so minimal and it allows patients to get back to their busy schedules.

Mary Cartwright, RN Glow Too - Magnolia, Seattle, WA October 2, 2017

We have had the Smoothcool for about a year here at Thrive and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the results this device has delivered.
We have great success treating brown spots, vascular and even hair removal with the Smoothcool! Our patients are blown away when they see the veins on their face literally disappear and the pigmented lesions fade away so quickly. The clearance we get in our patients skin with this machine is nothing short of amazing! Hands down the best IPL system I have used in my 14 years in this business.

Tristan Stanton Medical Aesthetician Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center, Portland, OR October 2, 2017

INTRAcel guarantees exceptional results and minimal downtime for wrinkles, acne scars and rejuvenation treatments. INTRAcel's insulated needles specifically affect the target layer with no epidermal damage. The color blind RF energy enables physicians to treat all skin types.

Best Energy-Based Microneedling Device THE Asian Aesthetic Guide 2017 • Volume 12 • page 69 Aesthetic Industry Awards August 17, 2017

robert weiss intracel user testimonial

Compared to other RF micro needle device that INTRAcel has the least amount of discomfort and can be done with just topical anesthesia.   We have seen great results in just 1 - 2 treatments with acne scars and photo aging. I highly recommend this device as having the most ergonomic handpiece with the flexibility to do both bipolar and monopolar treatments with very little pain and great results.

Robert A. Weiss, MD, FAAD, FACPh MD Laser Skin & Vein Institute Baltimore, MD August 17, 2017

chris zachery intracel user testimonial

I really like the INTRAcel. I have been using it to treat acne scarring, and I find that it is simple to use and patients love it.

Christopher Zachary, MD Professor and Chair Department of Dermatology, University of California, Irvine August 16, 2017

nick lowe intracel user testimonial

INTRAcel is a revolutionary treatment using fractional radio frequency combined with micro-needling to treat acne scarring, wrinkles, various skin irregularities, large pores, general rejuvenation and the reduction of stretch marks.

Nick Lowe, MD FRCP FAAD Cranley Clinic London, England August 16, 2017

oleszek intracel user testimonial

The INTRAcel RF microneedling device has filled a niche in our practice and the patients really like the treatment.  Now we have a good option for moderate tightening of the face and neck and the improvement of acne scars.    The minimal downtime, the minimal discomfort, the ease of use and the ability to delegate the procedure has made the INTRAcel a popular treatment. See web page.

Ken Oleszek, MD La Fontaine Aesthetics Denver, Colorado June 5, 2017

intracel user testimonial

Intracel RF Microneedling has quickly become an integral part of our technological arsenal here at Sanctuary Medical. It is so great to be able to use a single device on any (and every) patient who is looking to achieve smoother, tighter, more youthful looking skin, and with such little social downtime! We can customize each individual’s treatment plan based on their needs and comfort levels, regardless of their skin type- this is huge! See web page

Mona Entezari, PA-C, MMS, MBA Sanctuary Medical Center Boca Raton, FL April 18, 2017

stay folk intracel user testimonial

INTRAcel has been a terrific addition to the practice, offering patients textural improvement to their skin with minimal downtime. I personally was able to meet friends for dinner just a few hours after my own treatment, and was very impressed with my results. The safety profile allows providers in the office with various backgrounds to achieve consistent results. It fills the niche for those needing a more aggressive treatment without the downtime of an ablative laser. See web page

Dr. Stacey Folk Folk Plastic Surgery Denver, CO April 11, 2017

ross van antwerp intracel user testimonial

I purchased the INTRAcel to enable me to treat acne, acne scarring, skin laxity, and stretch marks in all skin types with little or no downtime.  I own nearly 20 different laser, light or energy sources and have been practicing laser medicine for over 25 years.  The INTRAcel may pay for itself faster than any other device I've ever owned- within 3 months of putting it into service.  Better yet, the INTRAcel treatments are performed by my nurses while I am doing more complex procedures. See on Facebook

Dr. Ross Van Antwerp Medical Director Laser Center of Maryland April 11, 2017

gidon intracel user testimonial

INTRAcel fractional radio frequency microneedling was an instant success in my practice.  Even after one treatment, patients noticed increased radiance of their skin, refined texture, and minimized pores. In addition, there was a significant improvement in acne scarring.  Patients are impressed with the minimal downtime and can return to work the next day. See web page

Martie S. Gidon MD FRCPC FAAD Cosmetic Dermatologist Gidon Aesthetics March 26, 2017

intracel user testimonial

My staff has embraced this technology due to amazingly high patient satisfaction, ease of use, and versatility.  We use the Intracel for acne scars, stretch marks, and overall skin rejuvenation.  It is quickly becoming one of our most popular treatments.  We could not be happier with this purchase. See web page

Matt Taranto Managing Partner Medspa, Leawood, KS March 20, 2017

michael gold chernoff intracel user testimonial

By remodeling tissue at depth directly to underlying scar tissue, as well as on the surface, we can virtually erase many scars with a course of treatments. INTRAcel is safe for all skin types and risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is significantly limited.

Michael H. Gold, M.D., F.A.A.D. Medical Director, Gold Skin Care Center Nashville, Tenn March 18, 2017

chernoff intracel user testimonial

In just a few treatments with INTRAcel we see dramatic reduction in the appearance of scarring, even virtually eliminating the lesions in some cases. INTRAcel can also be used to tighten skin and improve skin quality as well.  See web page.

Gregory W. Chernoff, M.D. F.R.C.S Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery Indianapolis, IN March 17, 2017

sasaki intracel user testimonial

INTRAcel has become an integral part of our practice for the treatment of wrinkles, lines, and stretch marks. See web page

Gordon Sasaki, M.D., F.A.C.S. Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery Pasadena, CAlifornia March 17, 2017

Jeanine Downie intracel user testimonial

What I like so much about the IntraCel  is it can be used on all skin types. It is excellent for acne scars, surgical scars, dog bite scars/traumatic scars, stretch marks, pore size and photoaging. The IntraCel is really a great machine that produces consistent, reliable and superior results. See web page

Jeanine Downie, M.D., F.A.A.D. Image Dermatology Montclair, NJ March 17, 2017