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Applications include unwanted pigmentation such as lentigines, freckles, Café-au-lait, Naevi spili, hyper pigmentation, Naevi Ota, PIH, and nevi. The wavelength and setting for the treatments will depend on skin type and lesion type. TattooStar has the widest range of treatment parameters of any system available.

The TattooStar Ruby and the ruby laser in the TattooStar Combo are exceptional devices that can be enhanced to blend difficult pigmentary conditions with fractional MicroSpot focused lens array.

tse melasma treatment

Melasma is a common acquired hypermelanosis of sun exposed skin areas. The Q-Switched Ruby laser (QSRL), which has been successful at removing tattoos and the treatment of cutaneous pigmented lesions, has been shown to be effective at reducing the appearance of melanoma pigmentation. The treatment consists of multiple treatments of low dosage fractional QSRL through a Focused Lens Array.

Fractional Focused Lens Array

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