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The IntraGen system from Jeisys Medical with GRFTM, Grid Fractional Radio Frequency technology, monitors dermal temperature and delivers the ideal energy during treatment. The result is minimal discomfort, however no pain for most patients. For sensitive patients there is a no-pain mode delivering heat uniformly over the skin.

No Downtime Treatment Results

This is completely non-invasive treatment resulting in some redness that is easily covered up for no downtime. Typical results for those patients who wish for a non-invasive, non-painful, no downtime treatment that will improve their appearance and their skin.  IntraGen treatments stimulate neocollagenesis and neoelastogenesis.

Histology - intragenElectron micrograph showing thinner collagen fibers consistent with type 3 collagen after treatment as compared with larger and coarser fibers with type 1 collagen seen before treatment.

GRF™ Technology Improves Safety and Comfort


The grid fractional applicator spreads out the RF energy to protect the epidermis and creates a uniform thermal zone in the dermis for safe, reproducible and consistent results. Because the current is divided among many micro electrodes, there is no risk of burns due to RF arcing between the electrode and skin.

  • The energy is optimized for each treatment by an active impedance feedback system.
  • Safe treatment is provided by thermal contact of the grid protecting the skin surface.
  • A multi-pulse function enables the energy to penetrate comfortably into deep areas.

Real-time Impedance Feedback acts as a Dermal Thermostat

IntraGen measures the tissue parameters and automatically delivers the perfect amount of RF energy for each application. No need to measure the average temperature of the surface to guess whether the dermal layer has been effectively treated, or not. No more guessing, IntraGen utilizes new technology that makes RF skin treatments safe and predictable.

IntraGen dermal thermostat

Through a proprietary impedance feedback mechanism, IntraGen delivers the ideal RF energy to the deep dermis to reach precise dermal temperatures that, until now, have never been directly monitored. IntraGen enables practitioners to achieve the ideal temperature in the dermis every time providing consistent, repeatable and outstanding outcomes. No more guessing, IntraGen redefines RF skin treatments from the inside out.

Multipulse Operation Protects the Epidermis

Multipulse operation enables energy to gently penetrate into the dermis, and allows the epidermis to cool between pulses for comfortable and safe non-ablative skin rejuvenation


Optimized Treatment Tips for All Areas

The IntraGen™ system includes a 6 MHz generator that delivers RF energy through a sophisticated treatment tip. IntraGen provides various treatments options: from very shallow, small treatment area, to deeper, larger areas.

chernoff“IntraGen creates a grid pattern of RF treatment spots in a uniform pattern as with some fractional lasers, to deposit higher levels of energy with minimal heating of the epidermis, allowing us to treat more aggressively without sacrificing safety.”
– Gregory Chernoff, M.D

IntraGen histological results

intragen histologies

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