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INTRAcel™ – RF microneedle

INTRAcel from Jeisys is a revolutionary treatment using fractional radio frequency combined with insulated microneedles to treat acne scarring, wrinkles, various skin irregularities, large pores, general rejuvenation and the reduction of stretch marks.


IntraGen™ – Grid Fractional RF

The IntraGen system from Jeisys Medical with GRF™, Grid Fractional Radio Frequency technology, monitors dermal temperature and delivers the ideal energy during treatment.

Edge fractional laser

Edge™ – fractional laser

Spot size selection is one of the most important parameters for fractional skin care. From precise fast healing 120-µm spots to wider coverage 350-µm and 800-µm spots, only Edge from Jeisys Medical has the flexibility to cover all fractional needs.


SmoothCool™ – premium IPL

Advanced cooling technology allows SmoothCool from Jeisys Medical to deliver the highest power from a commercial system with unmatched speed, safety and comfort. SmoothCool will save you time, and give you a higher ROI and happier patients than any other IPL.


TriBeam™ – tattoo and pigment laser

TRI-Beam Premium from Jeisys Medical is an integrated platform offering you the most reliable and efficient combination of lasers available. Includes a fractional focused lens array and free-running mode.

NeuViva® – feminine rejuvenation

NeuViva feminine laser rejuvenation, is a simple and effective solution for improving feminine health. A quick and painless treatment, NeuViva is designed to restore your patients’ well-being and confidence.


Lipocel – coming soon

Everyone has smaller clothing that they hold on to in the hopes of achieving their slimmer self. Your clients will become Lipocel fans as soon as they try the Skinny Jeans Test!

smoothpulse diode laser hair removalSmoothpulse – diode laser hair removal

SmoothPulse is the first high power diode-laser source with a multi-wavelength output of 800 to 950 nm. It has pulse widths up to 400 ms, and a fiber bundle delivery for the most uniform and comfortable treatment available from a high power hair removal laser.