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NeuViva Feminine Health Workshops check check
Cosmetic Surgery Forum Las Vegas, NV 11/28 – 12/1
A4M Las Vegas, NV 12/13 – 12/15
AmSpa Las Vegas, NV 2/8- 2/10
AAD Washington, DC 3/1 – 3/5
ASLMS Denever, CO 3/27 -3/31

Do not miss Dr. Thomas NeuViva Talks at the upcoming A4M

Session 6: Integrative Aesthetics and Smart Aging – Veronese 2405-6

Thursday, December 13 | 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM |
Sherry Thomas, MD, MPH, FACOG, FPM&RS |Agoura Hills, CA

Do not miss Dr. Thomas NeuViva Talks at the upcoming ASLMS

Clinical Applications – Gynecologic/Women’s Health – Abstract Session
Friday, April 13 | 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM | Room: Wedgwood Ballroom

2:24 PM – 2:32 PM
THE TREATMENT OF VAGINAL LAXITY USING A NOVEL FRACTIONAL MATRIX RADIOFREQUENCY Sherry Thomas | The American Association of Female Pelvic Medicine Specialists, Agoura Hills, CA

3:58 PM – 4:06 PM
THE TREATMENT OF ATROPHIC VAGINITIS USING A NOVEL SUPERPULSED FRACTIONAL CO2 Sherry Thomas | The American Association of Female Pelvic Medicine Specialists, Agoura Hills, CA

Devices in Women’s Genitourinary Health: Clinical Research and Current Trials – Workshop
Saturday, April 14 | 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM | Room: Wedgwood Ballroom

8:08 AM – 8:28 AM
Clinical Trials on Radiofrequency for Vaginal Laxity – Sherry Thomas

Clinical Applications – Gynecologic/Women’s Health – Abstract Session
Saturday, April 14 | 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM | Room: Wedgwood Ballroom

5:04 PM – 5:10 PM
Fractional Matrix Radio Frequency for Tissue Rejuvenation:
When & Why?
– Sherry Thomas

News and Information

Perigee marketing deemed accurate and clear by ASAPS

Perigee marketing information and collateral has been deemed as accurate and clear by the Light and Energy Based Technology Committee of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  We are entitled to use the special logo, and we will receive recognition on the ASAPS website and at the ASAPS meeting in New York. This reflects ASAPS […]


Restoring Vaginal Health – Live Workshops

Register for a live patient workshop using both lasers and radiofrequency devices and how to best integrate this application into your practice Join our workshop and learn about the NeuViva Program which includes all the equipment, training, a full third party patient marketing program, and the financing you need to successfully integrate this exciting new […]


IntraGen – Grid Fractional Radio Wave Technology for Subsurface Tissue Heating

An educational presentation about new grid fractional radio wave technology in the IntraGen system why it offer the lowest downtime and most comfortable and safest treatment for subsurface tissue heating. For education purposes only, not for distribution.


INTRAcel is the highest rated RF Microneedle Device according to users on Zalea

According to Zalea, the independent peer reviewed consumer rating service for medical devices, doctors using RF microneedle devices rated INTRAcel highest overall among 5 leading device models. INTRAcel received the highest comfort rating of 8.1/10, well above the second place Infini at 5.1/10. INTRAcel rated significantly higher in Overall Patient Satisfaction than all other systems. […]


INTRAcel – depth & insertion requirements for RF microneedle treatments

An educational presentation about the target depth of insulated needles in skin and the best methods for insertion.  The advantages of the INTRAcel patented technology are covered and why it offer the lowest downtime and most comfortable treatment for skin rejuvenation. For education purposes only, not for distribution.


INTRAcel named Best Energy-Based Microneedling Device

The Asian Aesthetic Guide issued its first ever Aesthetic Industry Awards honoring pioneers in in the industry that have developed cutting edge technology. As the world’s first RF microneedle system and best in class, the INTRAcel received this award among many contenders in the fiercely competitive Asian market.  THE Asian Aesthetic Guide 2017 • Volume […]


INTRAcel workshop at THE Aesthetic Show

Join Dr. Gregory Keller’s educational workshop at The Aesthetic Show and learn from one of the leading experts how to effectively utilize regenerative growth factors and peptides in conjunction with RF Microneedling to achieve dramatic skin rejuvenation results for your patients.    Dr. Keller will share his experience and demonstrate the conjunctive use of the […]


FAQS about picosecond pulsed lasers

What is a picosecond laser? A picosecond is a trillionth of a second, 10-12 s, or a millionth of a millionth of a second. Commercial picosecond medical lasers do not actually achieve this short of a pulse. The devices from most manufacturers deliver pulses that are actually several hundred picoseconds or just under one nanosecond, a billionth of a […]


Perigee Introduces the new Jeisys INTRAcel™ RF Microneedling System to the U.S. market

(Redwood City, CA – July 22, 2016) Recently cleared by the FDA for use in the U.S., the New INTRAcel from Jeisys Medical, Inc. (Seoul, South Korea), is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation system that appears to be a panacea for a wide-range of aesthetic concerns. Achieving outcomes that surpass other medical aesthetic devices, the INTRAcel has […]


IntraGen histology

Histological results shows new collagen and elastin following IntraGen non-invasive treatments using Grid Fractional RF technology for uniform energy infusion and real-time dermal monitoring for pain-free no downtime treatments. From Ma Christina Tanciangco-Javier,M.D. , Novel Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgicenter, Philippines


Perigee Medical Introduces the new Intragen™ GRID Fractional RF for Skin Rejuvenation

Radio frequency (RF) has long been established as both an effective and safe energy modality used in skin rejuvenation procedures, with outcomes rivaling those attainable by other energy-based aesthetic approaches. Aiming to raise the bar in the increasingly competitive aesthetic industry, Perigee Medical (Tracy, CA)  has introduced the new IntraGen RF device, manufactured by Jeisys Medical, Inc. (Seoul, […]


NeuViva Laser and RF Treatment for Vaginal Rejuvenation

NeuViva Webinar Sherry Thomas, M.D., FACOG Dr. Sherry Thomas, Urogynecologist and Surgeon, MD, MPH, FACOG has years of experience in successfully treating specific conditions that afflict her female patients. Dr. Thomas has become world renowned for her skills and expertise in treating serious medical conditions. NeuViva is a quick CO2 laser and radio frequency RF procedure that […]


Jeisys appoints Perigee Medical as exclusive distributor in the United States

Posted on: Monday, March 31, 2015 REDWOOD CITY, CA — Perigee Medical announced today it will be offering the latest products from Jeisys Medical, a high end supplier of aesthetic devices engineered and manufactured in South Korea. Perigee Medical, based in Tracy, California, with offices in Redwood City will begin offering Jeisys systems immediately and focus on bringing a new range of medical and […]


Futura Pro Interview


An Innovative Non-Surgical System for Body Contouring, Cellulite Reduction, and Improved Health

Oct 14, 2014 Gregory Chernoff, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C) Chernoff and Associates Cosmetic Surgery, Laser, and Wellness Centers Our center studied a novel bimodal instrument to test the safety and efficacy for patient use. We examined both the physical and psychological changes in each patient.


Perigee Medical Announces Immediate Availability of High Power Edge Fractional CO2 Laser

SAN FRANCISCO — Perigee Medical announced today the immediate availability of the High-Powered EDGE CO2 Laser. The new EDGE Fractional CO2 laser, with average power of 30W, can attain irradiance of up to 250W of power with each pulse. This makes the new EDGE the most powerful superpulse CO2 laser available to aesthetic physicians. “We are pleased to […]


Perigee Medical to distribute Asclepion laser products in the U.S.

San Francisco, CA – January 1, 2013. — Perigee Medical. (Redwood City, CA) announced today they are the exclusive American distributor of aesthetic lasers manufactured by Asclepion (Jena, Germany), including the new TattooStar Effect, high performance tattoo removal system, and the new MedioStar NeXT, the world’s fastest laser hair removal system.  Asclepion develops and manufactures […]


An Oral History of Evidence Based Medicine

Richard Smith discusses the history of Evidence-based Medicine with Iain Chalmers, Kay Dickersin, Paul Glasziou, Muir Gray, Gordon Guyatt, Brian Haynes, Drummond Rennie and David Sackett. Watch the videos at


Madonna Lift

The Madonna Lift is the newest way to treat the wrinkles and saggy, lax skin around the eyes. Your physician will use the most advanced fractional CO2 laser known as the EDGE to treat these problem areas. The fractional laser treats deep into the skin around your eyes to plump up wrinkles, tighten the skin, lift sagging brows and improve the appearance…all without […]


IPL pulse shape: physics vs. marketing

There is a some of discussion on the interneet forums about IPL  pulsing formats and websites with some manufacturers claiming that their IPL device delivers a square pulse that provides constant energy to tissue during the exposure, and is clinically better. This claim is not quite accurate, somewhat misleading. and an example of marketing leading […]


Anatomy of an IPL hand piece

This video gives a simplified view of the components common to almost all IPL handpieces, and demonstrates their primary functions. The flash lamps sources are typically standard components that can be supplied from several vendors, though their performance and lifetime are highly influenced by how the lamps are energized. All IPLs have a reflector to […]