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Noninvasive Fat Reduction with Lipocel

Lipocel uses ultrasound energy and contact cooling to melt fat without cavitation to painlessly reduce your waistline.

Hifu- Lipocel fat removal device focused ultrasound

Focused Ultrasound Eliminates Fat Cells

Focused ultrasound is a type of non-invasive therapy that focuses sound energy to the fat cells heating them and destroying the fat.

Contact Cooling Allows Higher Energy and Greater Comfort

Contact coolinghifuHandpiece - lipocel fat removal device

The LIPOcel™ is equipped with a special contact cooling device to eliminate adverse effects of high energy ultrasound procedures. Lipocel cools the surface of skin down to 5℃ resulting in significant core advantages:

  • It eliminates the discomfort from thermal energy.
  • It allows the emission of higher-intensity energy, which leads to increased effectivity.
  • It protects the epidermis to prevent ecchymosis.

Contact Cooling Protects the Epidermis

contact cooling - lipocel fat removal device

※ The data above are the comparison results of the usage (5°) and non-usage (20°) of contact cooling while performing procedures with the same energy (J).

  • When contact cooling was used, the temperatures were maintained between 30-37℃ and no ecchymosis was observed.
  • When contact cooling was not used, ecchymosis began to form as the temperature rose (over 40℃) and the amount of ecchymosis increased with energy.

Advantages of Contact Cooling

contact cooling - lipocel fat removal device

LIPOcel™ Treatment Areas

Lipocel Features

  • More effective with the safe use of higher energies
  • Minimal discomfort with contact cooling
  • No downtime
  • Fast treatments. Less than 45 minutes for the entire waistline
  • No anesthesia required
  • Low operating cost

Lipocel Gently Melting Fat

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