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Noninvasive Fat Reduction System

Lipocel uses ultrasound energy and contact cooling to melt fat without cavitation to painlessly reduce your waistline.

What is focused ultrasound?


Hifu- Lipocel fat removal device focused ultrasound

Focused ultrasound is a type of non-invasive therapy that focuses sound energy to the fat cells heating them and destroying the fat.







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Advantage of Contact Cooling


contact cooling - lipocel fat removal device

Contact Cooling : Protects the Epidermis


contact cooling - lipocel fat removal device
※ The data above are the comparison results of the usage (5°) and non-usage (20°) of contact cooling while performing procedures with the same energy (J).

  • When the contact cooling was used, the temperatures were maintained between 30-37℃ and no ecchymosis was observed.
  • When the contact cooling was not used, ecchymosis began to form as the temperature rose (over 40℃) and the size of the burns grew as the energy grew larger.

Contact Cooling : Allows Higher Energy


Contact coolinghifuHandpiece - lipocel fat removal device

The LIPOcel™ is equipped with a special contact cooling device to eliminate adverse effects attributable to previous high energy ultrasound procedures. Lipocel cools the surface of skin down to 5℃ resulting in three core advantages.

  • It decreases the discomfort from thermal energy.
  • It allows the emission of higher-intensity energy, which leads to increased effectivity.
  • It protects the epidermis to prevent ecchymosis.

The first video shows the thermal imaging cross section in tissue of the layer heated by Lipocel. The second video demonstrations the melting of fat at that layer.

LIPOcel™ Treatment Areas


Protocols for all treatment areas

Love handles - lipocel fat removalAbdomen - lipocel fat removalThigh - lipocel fat removalArm - lipocel fat removalPolymastia - lipocel fat removalGynecomastia - lipocel fat removal

Features of LIPOcel™


  • More effective with the safe use of higher target temperatures

  • Minimal discomfort with chill applicators removing skin heat

  • No downtime

  • Faster treatment without anesthesia

  • Minimal running cost with flexible cartridge lifespan