13-11-29-21157SAN FRANCISCO — Perigee Medical announced today the immediate availability of the High-Powered EDGE CO2 Laser. The new EDGE Fractional CO2 laser, with average power of 30W, can attain irradiance of up to 250W of power with each pulse. This makes the new EDGE the most powerful superpulse CO2 laser available to aesthetic physicians.

“We are pleased to announce this significant advancement in CO2 fractional technology,” stated Dale Koop, PhD, CEO of Perigee Medical. “With this system, physicians can now attain the high peak powers needed for safe, effective and comfortable deep wrinkle reduction treatments. Combined with our unique smart pulse technology, the EDGE is the clear leader in fractional CO2 technology today.”

EDGE is the first system that offers independent modulation of both energy and dwell time. This is a highly desirable feature for physicians wanting to offer the widest range of treatments as it enables them to control both depth of tissue treated along with the degree to which the tissue is treated. This enables the treating clinician to precisely tailor a treatment to each patient’s specific needs. Whether it’s a superficial treatment to improve skin tone and texture, or a deep wrinkle reduction treatment, the EDGE is the tool.

“The EDGE enables me to treat the widest range of patients that come through my door. Although not every patient needs a high energy, deep treatment, some do. And rather than offer a treatment that wasn’t right for them, the EDGE with SmartPulse technology, now puts the tool in my hand to offer them the treatment that suits them,” said Dr. Greg Chernoff, a Plastic Surgeon with offices in Indianapolis Indiana. “My patients come to me because they want noticeable results. And some aren’t quite ready for a surgical option so the EDGE allows me to offer them an effective procedure that gives them the more youthful look they desire without surgery. It also is a great tool that I use to maintain my patients appearance after surgery.”

“Another procedure that I like to offer my patients is the Summer Peel using the EDGE. Using light-settings, patients get the benefits of a CO2 fractional treatment without any downtime. This is a quick and easy way to give your skin a fresh look during summer months,” added Dr. Chernoff.

With the ability to penetrate deeper into tissue with a single pulse, this also make the EDGE the ideal platform for treatment of burn scars, traumatic scars, and surgical scars. Studies are underway comparing the benefits of the EDGE for scar revision.

Perigee Medical, based in Redwood City, CA is the authorized sales and support  distributor for Jeisys Medical, Asclepion Laser Technologies, and Current Beatuy.  In addition to the EDGE, Perigee Medical markets the FuturaFit program, TriBeam, SmoothCool IPL, TatooStar and MedioStar lasers for aesthetic treatments such as tattoo removal, hair removal, photorejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and vitiligo. www.perigeemedical.com