3687nRadio frequency (RF) has long been established as both an effective and safe energy modality used in skin rejuvenation procedures, with outcomes rivaling those attainable by other energy-based aesthetic approaches. Aiming to raise the bar in the increasingly competitive aesthetic industry, Perigee Medical (Tracy, CA)  has introduced the new IntraGen RF device, manufactured by Jeisys Medical, Inc. (Seoul, South Korea), that is said to achieve more consistent results than its competitors, with a much higher patient tolerability.

Grid Fractional radio frequency therapy is a way to use the electric current instead laser to create micro thermal zones. It can give heat damage to dermal layer and induce dermis rearrangement through the wound healing process without epidermal damage.

“I have been using the IntraGen device to treat fine wrinkles, loose skin and pores in the facial region,” said Gar Young Lee, M.D., of the department of dermatology at the Kangbuk Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University of Medicine in Seoul, Korea. “In my experience, one can achieve immediate tissue tightening and overall rejuvenation effects, without any pain or downtime.”

“IntraGen induces thermal damage only in the upper dermis. This may be more effective in achieving immediate skin tightening and lifting results. As well, it does not require a cooling system, which keeps treatment cost low,” Dr. Lee said.

Fractional micro-needle radio frequency devices deliver energy to the skin, resulting in a heating of the deep dermis. Although the downtime associated with these treatments is very short, Dr. Lee said that the immediate effect of fractional RF technology has a tendency to be insufficient, perhaps due to low needle density-induced, relatively small thermal heating zones.

 The new IntraGen fractional radiofrequency device monitors impedance and gives feedback in real time to generate a certain amount of heat energy. The tip contacting skin forms the cross stripes and thermal zone in the upper side of dermis. A study by Dr. Lee found radio frequency treatment promotes neocollagenesis without damaging epidermis, and this gives the benefits that cause few side effects and make recovery time shorter.  Fractional way gives heat damage on dermis, and induces wound healing process making inflammatory response, which will result as the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers. This structural change of dermis causes to regenerate effectively the deeply wrinkled and aged skin with lack of elasticity.

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