Powerful Cooling
with Automatic Temperature Control (ATC™ )

The only IPL that maintains skin surface temperature precisely at all treatment speeds

The integrated high capacity cooling system that can operate from  -10℃ to room temperature at any treatment speed allowing comfortable and safe use of higher pulse energy than any other IPL system. With greater speed, comfort and efficacy you will have happier patients and a higher patient throughput.

product_SmoothCool_img02 - Smoothcool Premium Intense Pulsed Light IPL

[Comparison of Epidermal Temperature at Continuous Emission]

Real-time Skin Surface Temperature Control

 - Smoothcool Premium Intense Pulsed Light IPL hard removal

SmoothCool high capacity ATC  controls skin surface temperature at higher pulse energy
and speed for better epidermal cooling than any other system.


Includes 2 Handpieces for Greater Value and Performance

The SmoothCool SR platform comes with the versatile SR handpiece for skin applications. The SmoothCool Hybrid platform is a dual handpiece device that also includes the large-spot high-performance HR handpiece for comfortable hair removal  ATC cooling.

Cell Toning Technology

Cell-toning technology uses microsecond (µs) pulse durations to treat diffuse pigmented lesions such as melasma and PIH effectively.
The repeated micro-pulses within each cell-toning pulse target melanin rather than surrounding areas.

product_SmoothCool_img09 - Smoothcool Premium Intense Pulsed Light IPL

Designed to give you a higher ROI and happier patients than any other IPL
 - Smoothcool Premium Intense Pulsed Light IPL


SmoothCool IPL system is a workhorse. A full range of treatment options provides the versatility expected from an IPL. High peak energy and pulse widths as short as 1 ms make it possible to treat even the smallest vessels without the morbidity associated with vascular lasers.

ATC™ (advanced cooling technology) allows SmoothCool to deliver the highest peak power, speed and safety from a commercial system with unmatched comfort.

Photorejuvenation becomes predictable and effective with specific filters to target melanin, hemoglobin, hair, diffuse erythema, acne and much more.


Pigment + Vacular Lesions
Solar Lentigines/Freckles
Broken Capillaries
Diffuse Erythema
Hair Removal