EDGE Information Request

Superior Fractional Laser Technology from Jeisys Medical

The EDGE  Fractional Laser from Jeisys offers a superior solution for rejuvenating and resurfacing the skin. This fractional laser can be used effectively to treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne and surgical scars, skin pigmentation and discoloration, sun damage, pre-cancerous as well as benign lesions and uneven skin texture.

Built to last, the EDGE  laser enhances the physician’s skill to deliver dramatic, visible improvement in a single 30 minute treatment session. EDGE can resurface compromised or damaged skin in order to provide rejuvenation with excellent improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, surgical scars, skin pigmentation or discoloration, sun damage, pre-cancerous and benign lesions.

EDGE is the only fractional system that offers…

  • Selection of different spot sizes – 120-µm, 350-µm and 800-µm
  • Convenient handpiece controls for pattern shape and size
  • Choice of dot spacing from 1 to 900 dots per cm2
  • Advanced superpulse modality
  • Flexible scan patterns
  • Advanced feminine health applications

Selectable spot size

Spot size selection is one of the most important parameters for fractional skin care. From precise fast healing 120-µm spots to wider coverage 350-µm and 800-µm spots, only Edge has the flexibility to cover all fractional needs.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.39.21 PM, Feb 24, 2015

Advanced Applications

EDGE offers available NeuViva™ feminine health applications utilizing unique EDGE pulse capability for ideal treatment of applications that initiate collagen remodeling and eliminate dryness.

Selectable scan pattern modes

Even coverage, blending, tailored tissue heating, your choice. Tailor your treatment to exactly meet the needs of your patient. Intelligent tracking using Gaussian scanning allows natural painting of the treatment area.


The EDGE intelligent scanning results in a more natural result and an easier treatment than conventional standard DOT patterns which leave a checkerboard appearance during the recovery phase.
scan pattern comparison

Operator controls on the handpiece

EDGE is the only system that allows you to control scan parameters at any spot size, directly from the handpiece.


Intuitive and sensible control panel

EDGE gives users direct control of pulse energy and percent area coverage. No need to translate engineering parameters such as dot spacing and dwell time into clinical parameters – the EDGE does this for your. The most important fractional parameter – area covered and pulse energy – are under direct user control at each of EDGE’s spot sizes.

control panel

EDGE is the most versatile system for minimally invasive skin care

EDGE offers optimal delivery of thermal energy to the epidermis and upper dermis with a pattern of laser light causing minute perforations in the epidermis while leaving the surrounding skin intact. Fractional technology has made the CO2 laser the preferred modality for minimally ablative skin care. Fractional CO2 system can emulate everything from full field CO2 resurfacing to Erbium-laser micropeels and have made both of these older technologies obsolete.   The result is quicker healing and less patient discomfort as the patient’s own collagen works synergistically with the procedure to rebuild collagen which effectively tightens loose skin and large pores, giving a more youthful appearance within weeks and continued improvement over time as collagen continues rebuilding. Edge brings the versatility to a new level with selectable spot  sizes, selectable pulse modes, and selectable scan modes.

EDGE is effective in treating

  • Mild to moderate sun damage
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Reduction of acne scars & surgical scars
  • Skin rejuvenation improved texture
  • Skin tightening

Patient Benefits Include:

  • Treatments are customizable
  • Dramatic improvement in a single 30-minute treatment session
  • Quicker healing and recovery than traditional lasers
  • Less patient discomfort during and following the procedure
  • Performed with topical anesthesia at low risk
  • Proper patient skin care regimen and sun protection preserves results for many years