The Asclepion TattooStar Multi-Wavelength Platform

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The most effective tattoo removal system on the market

TattooStar Combo $79,000.00

TattooStar Combo $79,000.00

The TattooStar platform emits Q-switched nanosecond pulses of light energy that are absorbed by, and annihilate, pigment or tattoo ink in skin. The flexibility of up to 4 wavelengths of light from 2 lasers in a single platform can give you the ability to adapt treatments to each of your patients‘ needs, and treat a complete range of pigment colors from black to sky blue and soft green ink. TattooStar is the only dual-laser system with up to 4 wavelengths in a single platform giving you the ultimate in convenience and the greatest value of any system near its price range.


One system to treat them all

TattooStar, developed and built in Germany by some of the top optics and manufacturing engineers in the world, is an integrated platform offering you the most reliable and efficient combination of lasers available. You no longer need multiple systems to treat a single multicolor tattoo. The result is a more cost effective platform, greater patient throughput, and a more reliable device. TattooStar is available as a stand-alone or modular q-switched multi-wavelength system, with Nd:YAG and Ruby lasers, dye handpieces, advanced accessories including a fractional focused lens array and free-running mode for skin revitalization. Learn more about treating tattoos and pigment with TattooStar



4 Wavelengths – 2 Lasers – 1 Platform

TattooStar Combo Spectrum

The TattooStar Combo platform gives you everything you need for clearing tattoos and pigment in a single easy to maintain system. More robust, more effective on pigment and all colors of ink, a higher return on investment than expensive picosecond devices, and clears tattoos in far fewer treatments than traditional Q-switched lasers.



The fastest system available for tattoos and pigment

Repitition rates of up to 10 Hz with the TattooStar means faster patient throughput and the highest return on investment in the industry.



Asclepion beam shaping technology clears tattoos with fewer treatments

Multi-color tattoo treated with the TattooStar Combo cleared in 6 treatments


Two technical innovations have made TattooStar the most effective system on the market today – a uniform beam emitted through a proprietary microlens array, and a square beam shape compared to traditional Q-switched laser using round multimode beams.


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Effective clearing with advanced beam shaping optics

microlens_arrayThe special shape of the TattooStar spot is designed to maximize coverage of the area with greater efficiency. Unlike the traditional circular spot, no empty intermediate spaces exist with the square spot. Round spots cover 30% less area than square spots and require more treatments to clear a tattoo.

Asclepion Laser Technologies‘ microlens array technology is an improvement over traditional lenses. The spot is homogeneous and distributes the laser energy in a perfectly uniform manner to a square treatment area, thus avoiding the need to overlap and preventing over-treatment from hot spots or under treatment from cold spot. This gives more effective clearance and improves patient comfort.


Provide your patients with a more uniform and gentle treatment

  • no cold spots for quicker clearing
  • no hot spots for greater comfort

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MicroSpot™ Focused Lens Array for advance skin treatments

Developed for improving skin and pigment, the MicroSpot focused lens array is the first fractional Q-swithced device. MicroSpot works with the red light from the ruby laser. the ideal wavelength for treating melanoma and other skin conditions.


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