Perigee Medical provides energy-based devices selected to improve patient satisfaction and enhance your practice 

skin fit solution
Perigee Medical offers a complete suite of energy-based devices for skin rejuvenation therapy including IPL, fractional laser, fractional RF and RF microneedling devices in addition to systems for hair,  tattoo removal and non surgical vaginal rejuvenation.

Featuring the new INTRAcel RF microneedle system for beautiful skin with no downtime

A novel approach to vaginal health, NeuViva™ includes the use of laser and RF energies to promote epithelial revitalization and a return to vaginal health. A Simple 15 min. procedure, no need for anesthesia, and lasting results.


The, FuturaFit™ Program is a non-invasive, painless technique for improving shape and tone and reducing unwanted inches. Areas treated include the abdomen, love handles, thighs, buttocks and arms.

Our portfolio of products is designed for high patient satisfaction. Simple procedures with low discomfort, fast recovery and results worth talking about will make your patients your best promotion.


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About Perigee Medical

perigeeper·i·gee | ˈperəˌjē/ noun
the point in an orbit that is nearest to the earth.

With your purchase of a medical device from Perigee, you will enter a world of personal and individual attention. New Perigee Medical customers are invited to register for the Perigee Practice Support website designed to help you market and enhance your aesthetic practice. Perigee is the point in orbit closest to the earth, and we strive to be well grounded and down to earth with the systems and support we offer.

Customer Care

Our priority is to increase your satisfaction as a customer by enhancing your ownership experience. Perigee Medical would like the opportunity to become your trusted and convenient source for everything you need for your new aesthetic system.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you at an upcoming conference or workshop, and personally invite you to experience how our amenities and services will exceed all your expectations.

Perigee Medical is the manufacturer’s authorized sales, service and support network across the U.S. for Jeisys, Asclepion, Ultratone, Current Beauty, Sincoheren and other medical equipment manufacturers. If you have recently acquired a system we support, and need additional information or service anywhere in the U.S., please contact us.

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